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Tax & Bookkeeping, a match made in heaven

Tax Season is different with Smartkeep. From year-round bookkeeping and accounting to unlimited tax advisory and support. Our expert team has you covered. No extra charges or hidden fees, no year-end surprises.

Tax preparation tailored to your company

Whatever stage your business is at, we have you covered. We provide the tax support, prep, and filing from start to finish. Your Smartkeep tax pro and finance expert work seamlessly behind the scenes to get all your filings done on time. ​​Rest easy with access to live status updates of all your tax filings.

Get total peace of mind when you file with Smartkeep

With experts in your corner, tax filing is simple. Our year-round tax support means you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline again.

Lower Your Tax Bill, Legally

Our all-star team cares and will ensure you won’t overpay in taxes by taking advantage of any possible deduction on write-offs available in the tax code. Handling your records properly and securely or advising you and your team on how to do it.

Avoid, Remove or Reduce Penalties

Never miss a state or federal obligation. Penalties, interests, and stress are unnecessary and can out your operation and wealth in danger. We make sure you and your business stay compliant and focused.

Smartkeep has you covered

Our base plans include federal and state corporate income tax filing done by a certified tax professional, 24/7 support, digital process and e-signature, with life-time secure access to your documents in simple 5 steps:

Step 1

You schedule a discovery call (on the house, free of charge)

Step 2

Sign our NDA and share your company’s information.

Step 3

Our team of Smartkeep Tax Professionals and advisors will put
together a proposal and action plan that includes:

  • The best possible structure to realize your vision

  • The friendliest state to incorporate in & get business status

  • The requirements for full compliance

  • The IDs (tax and otherwise) that you'll need

Step 4

After you approve, we execute.

Step 5

Once the Job is done, you’ll pay.

Finally! Breeze through tax season

Gone will be the sleepless nights and the insane sprints before deadlines. Our constant, done-for-you upkeep means that on your Tax Filing date, you'll have everything locked and loaded so you can sit back and relax. And, if you wish to, our Tax Team can help you determine your liability, handle your payments and help save thousands on your next filing.

💡Smartkeep’s Tax Pros support any federal or state forms, including income, sales or employment tax (W-2, 940, 941, 1099) and if you needed, individual or personal taxes as well

The Smartkeep Satisfaction Guarantee

With Smartkeep, you get all the benefits and none of the risks. If you're not 100% satisfied with our bookkeeping services, we'll make as many changes and adjustments as necessary until you're happy with the results (no limits, even if the adjustments come from your own tax expert advice!).

In the unlikely scenario that you're still not satisfied? You'll get a full refund of the running month, and we can part ways, no questions asked, no infinite contract hoops to go through.

"Smartkeep gave me not only peace of mind but also a clear sense of my outflows of cash. Now my business is more efficient and less stressful, and I have way more time to focus on closing new deals."

Jason Ianotti

President and founder, Bruno Clay Management

100s of businesses trust us to handle their books

"Smartkeep has improved our internal processes, while taking care of the day-to-day administrative tasks. This has allowed me to focus my time on attracting and retaining business and in developing my teams."

Kim Miller

President & Founder, Ink Link Marketing

"I had three options for financial advisor and I was drawn to Smartkeep by their resume and how much trust they gave me, as well as their services offering. Since our first meeting, we connected."

Ignacio Thielen

CEO, VA Locator

"For the past four years Smartkeep has been helping me with my different ventures. They’ve supported and advised me into accomplishing my professional goals. From basic bookkeeping to company valuation and investment pitching, smartkeep has done a great job."

Victor Porfidio

Founder, VP Music

Construction Management
"Smartkeep gave me not only peace of mind but also a clear sense of my outflows of cash. Now my business is more efficient and less stressful, and I have way more time to focus on closing new deals."

Jason Ianotti

President & Founder,
BrunoClay Management

"Before I consulted with Marco, I didn't know which was the best way to organize my startup's financial structure."

Emanuel Minner

CEO, Servicio Altoque

Web Development
"Thanks to Smartkeep I was able to visualize my income, expenses and profit, and I have access to them 24/7 thanks to their tech stack. This allowed me to plan ahead and achieve my goals."

Abraham Aguilera

CEO, Red Bourbon

"Smartkeep have been instrumental in helping me organize my finances and start my own business. They make it fast and simple, allowing me to use that time to focus on my business and my family."

Elizabeth Podadera

BB's Grill

Law Firm
"After several recommendations, I started seeking financial and tax advice from Smartkeep and from our very first meeting, we connected. The trust they instilled in me continued to grow due to their commitment and great service."

Kathia Rivero

President, Legal Solutions

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