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Tidy, accurate books with (almost) zero effort

Get your numbers back on track with Smartkeep Bookkeeping, our hands-off cloud accounting service for growing companies.

Enough with the mess of keeping your books by yourself

Most small business owners use outdated software or scary-looking spreadsheets to track their finances, which costs them time, money... and sanity. For most entrepreneurs, books mean chaos. Unreconciled records. Missing receipts. Last-minute fixes and end-of-month scrambles just to meet the minimum requirements for tax duties.

Smartkeep helps you clear the clutter

With our team in your corner, you’ll break free from the nightmare. The days of entering your data into clunky systems by hand will finally be over. Your transactions will be recorded as they happen by a cloud accounting platform integrated seamlessly with your workflow. And everything will be processed and categorized by your specialized accountant in almost real-time.

You’ll get more transparent access to your business’s financial data, constantly updated, without human error getting in the way.

Done-For-You Bank Reconciliations

Sick of balancing your books with a calculator and an abacus? We know bank reconciliations are a painstaking process that can take hours (and sometimes days!). That's why the Smartkeep team will make sure you don't have to do it ever again. Even if you are months behind, we got you covered.

Expense tracking made easy

With Smartkeep, keeping your company's expenses in check is simple. Sync your transactions across all your business' bank accounts and cards. Our team will categorize them for you. Allowing you to track projects, departments, and budgets for you to see exactly where money is going, and you'll be able to take advantage of any possible write-off or deductions

Expert advice at your fingertips

Most accounting services set you up and leave you to figure things out on your own. Or worse, they hide the info you need behind an endless chain of automated customer service reps. With any of our Bookkeeping packages, you’ll get a dedicated Client Success Manager, always available to provide timely answers. You'll get the advice and guidance you need at every step of the way - without any of the red tape.

Reports on the numbers that matter

Every month on the dot you'll get a curated set of relevant reports delivered straight to your inbox. Going as deep as your KPIs or as broad as an industry-wide report. You'll get a birds-eye view of your relevant business results to make decisions based on hard data. And, of course, you'll be able to go in-depth on any of them if you wish to.

You will get access to:

Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Any management or business-specific reports needed.

Make Tax Season a breeze with Smartkeep’s Tax Team. No more sleepless nights nor insane sprints, our certified professionals will handle any federal, state, income, sales or payroll filings.

Smartkeep gets involved, and our clients thank us for that

We make sure that every effort is made for your company’s financials and expectations meet to build a better future. Our team of certified professionals will integrate your books and records with a tax strategy that makes you save money and accomplish your goals.

"I'm very satisfied with Smartkeep's service. Their expert advice helped us save on taxes, and best of all, they took care of everything while we were traveling the world. I highly recommend Smartkeep to any company looking for professional and efficient tax services."

Benjamin Aguilera

Founder, Fleeek Media

100s of businesses trust us to handle their books

"Smartkeep has improved our internal processes, while taking care of the day-to-day administrative tasks. This has allowed me to focus my time on attracting and retaining business and in developing my teams."

Kim Miller

President & Founder, Ink Link Marketing

"I had three options for financial advisor and I was drawn to Smartkeep by their resume and how much trust they gave me, as well as their services offering. Since our first meeting, we connected."

Ignacio Thielen

CEO, VA Locator

"For the past four years Smartkeep has been helping me with my different ventures. They’ve supported and advised me into accomplishing my professional goals. From basic bookkeeping to company valuation and investment pitching, smartkeep has done a great job."

Victor Porfidio

Founder, VP Music

Construction Management
"Smartkeep gave me not only peace of mind but also a clear sense of my outflows of cash. Now my business is more efficient and less stressful, and I have way more time to focus on closing new deals."

Jason Ianotti

President & Founder,
BrunoClay Management

"Before I consulted with Marco, I didn't know which was the best way to organize my startup's financial structure."

Emanuel Minner

CEO, Servicio Altoque

Web Development
"Thanks to Smartkeep I was able to visualize my income, expenses and profit, and I have access to them 24/7 thanks to their tech stack. This allowed me to plan ahead and achieve my goals."

Abraham Aguilera

CEO, Red Bourbon

"Smartkeep have been instrumental in helping me organize my finances and start my own business. They make it fast and simple, allowing me to use that time to focus on my business and my family."

Elizabeth Podadera

BB's Grill

Law Firm
"After several recommendations, I started seeking financial and tax advice from Smartkeep and from our very first meeting, we connected. The trust they instilled in me continued to grow due to their commitment and great service."

Kathia Rivero

President, Legal Solutions

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