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Best-In-Class Financial Services Built Around Your Business

Most online financial advisors & bookkeeping “experts” have one not-so-small flaw: they set up their services to appeal to the masses. They cater to the most common scenario... that rarely matches your scenario.

You end up hiring a version of a service made for somebody else. A service that feels like walking in someone else’s shoes.

Sure, you’ll get there eventually - but you'll feel awkward at every step of the way.

Withit all starts with you

Instead of throwing your business into a pre-determined "bucket," we take as much time as needed to assess your unique situation at no extra cost. Your business model. Your history. Your goals & status.

We meet you where you are right now and build a custom service plan tailored to fit your needs.

Get A Dedicated Smartkeep Client Success Manager

After your initial consultation & onboarding, you get to meet your dedicated Client Success Manager. It’s not a chatbot customer service rep. It's the person in charge of the team that will handle your numbers.

You'll get a Client Success Manager integrated into your business operations. Always available to provide timely, relevant responses to any inquiry.

Let our tech stack handle the heavy lifting

We set up a custom, seamless workflow with the leading cloud-based platforms to automate the most time-consuming tasks for you. From logging your transactions to issuing and keeping track of your invoices and vendor payments, your stack can handle it with ease.

Every platform will be interconnected, systemized, and feeding data to your books and records to be accessed anytime, from any one of your devices.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Freshbooks, Quickbooks and Xero.

Payroll, billing, sales and operations, Square, Stripe, ADP, Gusto.

Sales tax, Stripe and Square.

Client portal

A custom, secure platform, tailored to our client's needs

Whatever business-specific platform your company may need

Take manual input
off of your plate

Sure, some tasks can't be fully automated. Some of them still need human input - and that's where we come in. An Smartkeep accountant will handle those manual, repetitive tasks for you.

Calculating employee benefits? Payroll taxes? Invoicing your clients? Keeping up with vendors? We handle it all for you, ensuring every single item is correctly set up and categorized.

You’ll get back precious extra hours every day – and the reassurance that the details that matter are being cared for.

Get the numbers that matter, each month
on the dot

Instead of a massive file full of mumbo-jumbo that means nothing, you'll get a curated set of relevant reports delivered straight to your inbox – going as deep as your KPIs or as broad as an industry-wide report.

You'll get a birds-eye view of your relevant business results to make decisions based on hard data. And, of course, you'll be able to go in-depth on any of them if you wish to.

Keep a firm grasp of what’s happening behind the scenes

Finances are tricky, and navigating through it all can be overwhelming. It's only natural to have questions and doubts along the way.

That’s why your Smartkeep Client Success Manager will be happy to answer all of your concerns at any point, so you always be on the same page with everything going on with your numbers. All without ever having to go through the endless hoops and red tape other firms put between you and the answers you need.

Finally! Breeze through tax season

Gone will be the sleepless nights and the insane sprints before the submittal deadline. Our constant, done-for-you upkeep means that on your Tax Filing date, you'll have everything locked and loaded so you can sit back and relax.

A Certified Smartkeep Tax Pro will:

Determine your tax liability
Fill out your forms
Get your books ready with ample time to spare
Handle your tax payments
Make sure you take advantage of any savings from write-offs in the tax code.

And that's only for starters

As we said, the scope of our service goes hand in hand with your business needs. That means that when it comes the time to scale? We can help.

Cash flow projections? Scoping project profitability? Doing KPI analysis? Yes, yes, and yes. We'll be at your side to help you make data-driven decisions that enable your growth.

With Smartkeep, your satisfaction is guaranteed

As unheard of as it is for our industry, we offer a Risk-Free guarantee. We know. Crazy, right? But, we're that confident in being able to make worrying about your numbers a thing of the past.

100s of SMBs have already experienced finances, the Smartkeep way.
This is what they have to say:

"Smartkeep has improved our internal processes, while taking care of the day-to-day administrative tasks. This has allowed me to focus my time on attracting and retaining business and in developing my teams."

Kim Miller

President & Founder, Ink Link Marketing

"I had three options for financial advisor and I was drawn to Smartkeep by their resume and how much trust they gave me, as well as their services offering. Since our first meeting, we connected."

Ignacio Thielen

CEO, VA Locator

"For the past four years Smartkeep has been helping me with my different ventures. They’ve supported and advised me into accomplishing my professional goals. From basic bookkeeping to company valuation and investment pitching, smartkeep has done a great job."

Victor Porfidio

Founder, VP Music

Construction Management
"Smartkeep gave me not only peace of mind but also a clear sense of my outflows of cash. Now my business is more efficient and less stressful, and I have way more time to focus on closing new deals."

Jason Ianotti

President & Founder,
BrunoClay Management

"Before I consulted with Marco, I didn't know which was the best way to organize my startup's financial structure."

Emanuel Minner

CEO, Servicio Altoque

Web Development
"Thanks to Smartkeep I was able to visualize my income, expenses and profit, and I have access to them 24/7 thanks to their tech stack. This allowed me to plan ahead and achieve my goals."

Abraham Aguilera

CEO, Red Bourbon

"Smartkeep have been instrumental in helping me organize my finances and start my own business. They make it fast and simple, allowing me to use that time to focus on my business and my family."

Elizabeth Podadera

BB's Grill

Law Firm
"After several recommendations, I started seeking financial and tax advice from Smartkeep and from our very first meeting, we connected. The trust they instilled in me continued to grow due to their commitment and great service."

Kathia Rivero

President, Legal Solutions

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