Which is the best US state to incorporate your company?

5 states where it is profitable to buy and sell in the U.S.

In terms of taxes there is a lot of variety, depending on the state where you are, in order to know the amount of money you must pay in the United States and comply with your tax duties. This time we will talk about sales tax, especially about the 5 states that do not charge sales tax (Oregon, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, etc).


Beaver State es uno de los estados que no recauda impuestos sobre las ventas. No obstante, para este año 2022, se implementó un impuesto sobre la venta de aquellos vehículos que hayan sido comprados fuera del estado y que deseas registrar.

Another important aspect to consider is that to compensate the lack of sales tax, Oregon has a very high income tax burden and a moderately high property tax rate.


It is recognized for the low tax burden it represents for its citizens, this in order to encourage foreign production in a community where there is little population. In addition to having no sales tax, there is also no state income tax. Despite this, it is important to note that many of its counties, known as "districts", levy sales tax. For example, the municipality of Juneau charges a 5% sales tax on purchases.


It is considered a corporate tax haven, as it does not levy any sales tax or state tax on its citizens. However, it compensates for its low tax collection by imposing a moderate income tax, in addition to a gross sales tax levied on companies on the total amount of sales.


Montana, a sparsely populated state, does not have a state sales tax. Because of this, some municipalities such as Big Sky attract a large number of tourists and therefore implement local sales taxes. Property taxes are on the heavier end of the scale, and income tax is near the 50-state average rate.

New Hempshire

Lastly, we have the state of New Hampshire, which also does not charge sales tax. However, keep in mind that property tax rates tend to be some of the highest in the country.

Income tax is extremely limited, as it only applies to interest (such as from a high-yield savings account) and dividend income (such as dividends from stock purchases).

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