How can your company benefit through Bookkeeping?

Having your company's accounting up to date, more than a legal obligation, is a fundamental tool to understand the reality of your business and make intelligent decisions. The term Bookkeeping refers to the recording of daily transactions in an orderly and systematic manner.

For your business to succeed, good bookkeeping is essential. These are some of the practical benefits of working with Smartkeep, a team of bookkeepers who accompany you through the process:

  • You will be able to know your profit or loss in a short time: By having your numbers organized you will be able to calculate the profitability of your business and make adjustments in real time.
  • It allows you to organize your resources: The numbers will tell you which are the most profitable products or resources, which will allow you to maximize them and make decisions about those resources or products whose profitability is lower or even null.
  • Make your tax return easier: When preparing your returns you will need accurate information about your gross income, purchases, costs, expenses and assets. By keeping your numbers up to date you will be able to file more easily and even plan for income or expenses.
  • It allows you to plan and project: Financial planning is key to your business, but you can't project into the future if you don't know your current numbers. Your business plan will be much more effective if you have your numbers organized.

Recommendations to keep your accounting up to date:

  1. Choose an accounting system for your business: Technology is your best ally to stay on top of your numbers. At Smartkeep we are authorized to manage lifetime discount licenses for QuickBooks and Xero, systems that we highly recommend.
  2. Assign people in charge: Have at least one person in charge within your company to follow up on accounting issues. Many companies combine internal resources with external experts, or completely outsource their accounting, because in the end mistakes in this area can be very expensive.

If you are interested in organizing your company's numbers, automate it and have an ally to accompany you, contact us and we will gladly coordinate a call to understand your needs.

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