Get ready for the US tax season in 2024.

To facilitate the processes, at Smartkeep we anticipate several months in advance to ensure that, at the beginning of each year, all our clients' taxes are submitted and their businesses are fully complying with all obligations. Check out this guide to the 2024 tax season so you don't miss any important details or dates. 


When does it start? 


The U.S. tax season goes from January through April. It is the period when individuals and companies must prepare, send and pay to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), their federal income taxes for the previous year. Here's how it works: 2023 tax returns are filed in 2024. This process is exclusive of rent-related taxes. 

In addition to federal taxes, companies must also file an Annual Report or Franchise Tax at statewide level. 

The U.S. state income tax return is a document that is filed annually with each state's department of revenue to report income and pay the corresponding taxes. Not all states charge income taxes, and rates vary by state and income level. In addition, some states and cities also charge property, sales and other taxes. 


Tax Season Deadlines: 

March 15

1065 (Partnership) 

1120S (S-Corp) 

April 15 


1120 (C-Corporation) 

1120 F (Foreign companies) 

5472 (Disregarded Entities) 

Annual Report o Franchise Tax:


May 1st 


June 1st (LLC) 

March 1st (C-CORP) 


Company Registration Anniversary 


May 15 

(Franchise Tax) 

Avoid unnecessary fines and penalties, schedule a free call and our team of experts will guide you through the entire filing process.  


Get ahead of tax season and keep your numbers green. 

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