Accounting trends for this 2023

Up next, we will share the latest trends in the accounting area for the year 2023.

  1. Cloud Accounting

One of the main trends that all companies want to adopt is to migrate their books and records to the cloud. This allows the data to always remain accessible, with a high level of security through its encryption.  

There are many benefits from using the cloud. First, connect the company's banking information with the cloud server automatically; second, access from any location in the world; and third, encourage collaborative remote work and in real time.  

  1. Use of Blockchain  

Many of us associate the word blockchain with cryptocurrencies, but we cannot forget that this technology of information blocks allows us to keep decentralized records, not modifiable. This is a rising trend among large corporations and one that is sure to reach accountants in the upcoming years.

  1. Automated Accounting Processes

70% of companies that have automated their processes have seen a significant return on their investment. The processes that most companies automate the most are those of collection and payment of invoices.  

At Smartkeep we strongly believe in this trend, and we support our clients in the automation of their invoices. It helps to extract data from each invoice, classify such data, process payments on time, automate the sending of invoices to customers, send payment reminders, and receive payments through electronic platforms such as the QuickBooks portal.  

  1. Outsourcing of accounting work  

Another trend that already has more data is the one about relying on experts to carry out accounting services. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on increasing their profitability, decreasing hiring costs, taxes, payroll, benefits, and staff training.  

This trend increasingly brings greater benefits for companies and for CPAs, who have the possibility of providing greater value to their customers as part of the daily activities of the company.  

If you are looking for an expert to help you implement efficient solutions in your company, automate processes and ensure that your resources are focused on what really generates value in your company, you can count on Smartkeep as that ally.  

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